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West Wyalong

West Wyalong Information

West Wyalong is a town in New South Wales, Australia. It is in the west of Sydney. It is really interesting area in New South Wales. If you like to enjoy your holiday or free time perfectly, then spend a few days here. West Wyalong is town is one of the largest cereal-growing centers in New South Wales. Situated in Bland Shire, West Wyalong is less than 500 kilometers west of Syndey. The area is well known for the production of Eucalyptus oil, which began in the early 1900s and soon became one of the most important exporting regions of the oil. You can visit various places of interest including the West Wyalong Museum, The Poppet Head and Lions Park Dakota DC3. There are a number of schools, pubs and clubs in the town. You can stay in the The Tattersalls Hotel, The Metropolitan Hotel and The Post Office Hotel. If you love sport, then you have the selection of rugby union teams, cricket and Australian Rules Football and netball to spend some time being entertained by teams participating in friendly matches or in leagues.


Stuff to see in West Wyalong

Douglas DC3 Dakota

Douglas DC3 Dakota is situated in Lions Park on the junction of Mid-Western and Newell highways in West Wyalong. The full meaning of “DC” is Douglas Commercial. One can get full enjoyment by visiting this place. A person can widen his or her knowledge by visiting this place by getting involved in all kinds of exciting things.

West Wyalong Heritage Walk

You can easily complete your all kinds of activities by touring the West Wyalong Heritage Walk. It is really a nice place for experiencing the best of outdoors. It helps you to find a wide selection of native flora and fauna. West Wyalong Heritage Walk helps you to take a leisurely stroll around with friends and family. The walk takes roughly 45 minutes.

Lake Cowal

Lake Cowal is one of the largest natural lakes in New South Wales. It is a wildlife sanctuary. One can found wide range of species of water birds. It is really a safe place for different types of species. You can see Ibis, Pelicans, as well as Seagulls. This very attractive lake is familiar for those that love photographing nature. Nature watching and bird watching are very popular. Many people come to this place to see the natural beauty of this lake. This nice lake assists you to get a nice enjoyment.