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It is so easy with Hire Car Hero to book your car rental Parramatta. You only need a few pieces of information to allow you to compare car hire in Parramatta. Add your desired pick up and drop off places, as well as when you require your car and the age of the driver. You will be presented with a list of the available cheap car rentals Parramatta from various companies that are well-known in Australia. You will see every cheap Parramatta car hire in an easy to sort table. It is worth remembering that you will find a cheaper rent a car in Parramatta, if you book it earlier than required. If you leave your booking until the last minute, then Parramatta rental cars will probably be much more expensive to book. You may also find it is better to go to the city and pick up your car from a local dealership rather than pick up your hire car Parramatta from the airport upon arrival. You can usually get transport to the city from the airport that is either free or cheap. You should be able to book the best car to suit your needs. Think about booking for an extra day or two to achieve a better daily rate for your hire car.


Parramatta Information

One of the many suburbs of Sydney, Parramatta is located about 23 kilometers away from the Central Business District. The suburb lies on the banks of the river Parramatta. The area was established the same time as Sydney. In 1788, the area become the oldest settlement by Europeans in the country. The indigenous people of the area were the Darug. They particularly liked the land because it flourished with food sources due to the forest and river located there. Fish were plentiful because of the nutrient-rich waters where fresh and salt water join. As the settlement established itself in the early days, the successive Governors were keen to establish areas for farming and sources of food for the growing fleets that arrived in the cove. There are various areas of heritage including Elizabeth Farm, Brislington, St John’s Cathedral and cemetery, the park, Lennox Bridge, and the former Post Office. The area has become an important and influential commercial heart due to the increased business interest. Many people live here and the area has one of the biggest shopping centers in the country at Westfield Parramatta.


Best things to see around Parramatta

Bavarian Bier Cafe
Bavarian Bier Cafe is located in Parramatta. The area serves its guests some of the best Bavarian beverages and traditional meals. There is also an event area that hosts a number of events throughout the year. The café is in a church that has been restored. If you want to book the venue for a family get together or other event, then you can enjoy the dining experience. If you want to drop by for lunch or dinner, then this is okay too. Enjoy the warm hospitability and you can enjoy a beer with pizza from their own pizzeria.

Elizabeth Farm
Elizabeth Farm was established in 1793. It is the oldest European structure in the country. It was the family home of the Macarthurs who pioneered of the woollen industry. It shows the homestead that was part of the early colonial period. It is an authentic remnant of the country’s history and is accessible to all. You can wander throughout the home and absorb yourself in the early lifestyle of settlers.

Hambledon Cottage
Built in 1824, Penelope Lucas lived in Hambledon Cottage. It is now a listed historic building. Penelope was the governess to the daughters of the Macarthur family. A prime example of Georgian architecture.