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Artarmon is a suburb of the north shore of Sydney in New South Wales. This suburb is situated 9 kilometres northwest of Sydney’s Central Business District. This place was granted to emancipists and soldiers to farm between 1794 and 1796. The firm was owned by William Gore, the Provost-Marshal of the Governor William Bligh. About 150 acres of land was granted to William Gore in 1810. He named the place Artarmon. A Post Office opened in 1 December, 1909. According to the survey in 2011, the total population of this suburb is about 9,000. About 51 percent of the residents are of Australian origin. 8 percent people are Chinese, 4 percent are British and 4 percent are from India. Most of the people talk English. About 30 percent people have no religion, 21 percent of people are Catholic and 14 percent are Anglican. Artarmon is a mixed place of residential, commercial and industrial areas. There are many high-rise buildings in this suburb. Most of the high-rise buildings are located near the west side of the railway line. The industrial area is located at the south of the Gore Hill Freeway, and there is a long row of shops in the suburb.


Things to do around Artarmon

Sydney Opera House
It is a short distance from Sydney Opera House, which is a famous multi-venue arts centre in Sydney. It is used as an arts complex now. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Sydney Opera House is surrounded by Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June, 2007. The architect of the Sydney Opera House was Jørn Utzon, a Danish Architect. Utzon was selected as the winner of the International design competition in 1957.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
The area is a short distance from Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is a steel arch bridge. It is situated across the Sydney Harbour. It carries bicycles, cars, trucks and trains. Tourists can watch Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House from this bridge. It is called an iconic construction in NSW, Australia. The bridge was constructed under supervision of Dr. J.J.C. Bradfield. The length of the bridge is 1,149 metres, and the height and width of this bridge are 134 metres and 49 metres respectively.

Manly Beach
Artarmon is a short distance from Manly Beach, Sydney. It is part of Northern Beaches of Sydney. It is divided into three parts. These are Queenscliff, North South Steyne, and Steyne. In the beginning, it was named by Arthur Philip. He was a Captain. There is Manly Council Lifeguards on this beach. They operate an all year-round service for tourists and visitors. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, clubs for adult and sports clubs for surfing.