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West Ryde

About West Ryde NSW

West Ryde is a suburb in New South Wales. If you want to spend your free time with your family member then you can come to this place. The area is named after a local firm that was operated by G.M. Pope who brought the name with him from his home town on the Isle of Wight. It is one of the many suburbs that form the city that is about 12 kilometers away from Sydney city center. Some of the city’s busy roads dissect West Ryde. The first owners of the area where the Walumede or Wallumedegal people. By the late 1780s, the first people from Europe arrived here and called the area Wallumetta. The area was formerly a selection of large estates before later being sold for agriculture.


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Sydney Olympic Park

The Sydney Olympic Park is really a great cultural, leisure and sporting complex in New South Wales, Australia. It is the official suburb of Sydney. Many people come to this place to see what happened to the area after the Olympics, which was located about 16 kilometers from the city center. If you want to enjoy the most of the park and its setting, then you will see that is full of park land and there has been a surge in commercial development in this part of the Homebush Bay suburb. In 2009, it became its own suburb. Sporting facilities still adorn parts of the site interspersed with office accommodation and other commercial structures. An adventure playground was built on Wentworth Common. Blaxland Riverside Park is located here and was made into a urban park along the banks of the river when it opened in 2007.

Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf

When in Sydney, you should venture on the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf. This place is a great place for those who want to enjoy Homebush Bay. If you want to spend your free time visiting a nice and historical place, then you can see all the vital things of this area by walking. If you prefer a bicycle, then you see this place very easily in a short period. You can take your bicycle on any of the Sydney ferries. There is a single jetty where you can board local ferries. The wharf was built in 1998 to ferry people to the Olympics in 2000. The RiverCat ferry was used to bring the torch to the stadium. It is now a commuter ferry that enables local people to get around easily.