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Wagga Wagga

About Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is a city situated in New South Wales. There are urban populations in this city, as it is the largest inland city. This city is very important for military, transportation and agriculture in Australia. This city is situated between Melbourne and Sydney. Baylis Street is the main shopping street of Wagga Wagga. This city is situated in an alluvial valley. The Wiradjuri people are the original inhabitants of this city. Wagga Wagga has important institutions based here. You can easily come to this inland city from Sydney or Melbourne. Many tourists come to this city to observe its beauty, as it is a modern city with a friendly vibe. The transport system of this city has improved greatly in recent times. You can find yourself well placed to tour around the state from this location.


Tourist sites in Wagga Wagga

The National Art Glass Collection

The National Art Glass Collection is very famous for collecting and preserving fashionable art glass. There are around 400 pieces of glass found in this place. This place has become a homage for those who love glass. Many International and Australian glass artists try to come to this place to get some knowledge about glass and see the wide range of pieces, some have contributed to the collection. The National Art Glass Collection is very popular among all ages of people.

Victory Memorial Gardens

Victory Memorial Gardens started in 1925. It is started as a tribute to those who died after fighting in the First World War. It is really a thought provoking place for visitors. Visitors can feed the geese, ducks, swans in this place, as well as enjoy the tranquility of the gardens. You can see many local people and tourists in the Victory Memorial Gardens. If you can visit this place, then you can easily boost your knowledge of the war.

Barmedman Mineral Pool

Barmedman Mineral Pool is a big therapeutic pool. This pool is surrounded by shady grassed areas. There are two parks situated in the main street for picnic facilities. If you want to get some idea about the Barmedman Mineral Pool, then think about how you would like to ease your aches and pains using the natural power of water springs. The area is popular because it uses water from former goldmines. There is a kiosk and areas for dressing and you can enjoy outdoor barbeques with friends and family. The reserve covers four-hectares. There are a couple of main parks with a bowling club and picnic facilities. You can visit the Barmedman Mineral Pool at any time of year.