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Car rental in Tumut is a leading car hire company. It is situated in New South Wales, Australia. Car hire Tumut gives you perfect satisfaction every time, so you will be assured of quality vehicles. You can book your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Tumut cheap car rental always tries to give you safe, reliable and comfortable cars. Cheap Tumut car hire assists you by providing a wide range of modern cars. If you really like to find and drive the latest model of car, then you can easily select rent a car in Tumut. Rental car Tumut gives you an enjoyable driving experience by choosing from various classes of vehicle to choose from to match your touring or commuting needs. To find the perfect car in Tumut hire cars you have to fulfil the vital processes by entering the pick up and drop off locations. You have to fill out the form to being your search for a suitable car. If you find a perfect car, then you have to book the car for your trip. If you can look through all of the available vehicles, then select the car of your choice to confirm your booking and collect your car in quick time after receiving your confirmation message.


About Tumut

Tumut is situated in the Riverina region in New South Wales. This town is located near the Tumut River. This town is at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains to the south west of Sydney and north east of Melbourne. Many people come to this area to spend their holiday. This place is very famous to enjoy the river view because this town is near the Tumut River. There are historic buildings in Tumut. The Anglican Church is one of the attractive buildings in this area. People will visit here to find out more about its history. This process helps them to boost their knowledge historical buildings. You are perfectly situated to enjoy the local landscape, scenery and wildlife once you get here in your rental car. Visit with friends and family for a great trip.

Things To Do

Tumut Attractions

Yarrangobilly Caves

Yarrangobilly Caves are situated to the northern end of the Kosciuszko National Park. It is in the Yarrangobilly River valley which has a string of limestone caves. It features lots of eye-catching decorations such as grand columns, shawls, awesome chambers and underground pools. If you like to see these beautiful natural wonders, then you have to come to this place. This high-class place gives you many opportunities for entertainment. Self-guided tours are available daily. You have to collect your ticket from the visitor center. You can come to this place with your nearest and dearest or with friends.

Festival of the Falling Leaf

Festival of the Falling Leaf is on the banks of the Tumut River. You can enjoy this event on the very last weekend in April each year. All ages can have full enjoyment here. You can enjoy a wide range of foods in this place. It is really a great attraction for local people and for visitors. Therefore, visitors from different places come here to experience the local hospitability.

Tumut Valley Violets

Tumut Valley Violets are a real tourist attraction. It is situated in the Tumut valley region. Many people come here to find the largest collection of African Violets in Australia. These pretty little flowers come in various colors and are spectacularly displayed for you to see in all of their splendor. You can also take time out to visit the garden’s café for a quick coffee to recharge yourself before you enjoy the next leg of your trip. This is really a nice place for all.