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Tumbi Umbi is a semi-rural suburb situated in New South Wales. It is located in the central coast area known as Bateau Bay. This part is included in the Wyong Shire local government area. If you want see a suburb, then you can easily select this place as a destination with your car rental. This semi-rural suburb is a popular place in New South Wales and is now populated and filled with industrial estates, a school, housing, etc. You can also find many kinds of amazing things in this place. This area is associated with the creeks that cross the landscape.


Things to see around Tumbi Umbi

Shelly Beach

If you like surfing, then you can easily select Shelly Beach as it has become famous among surfers. You can explore rock walks in this beach. Along the beachfront, you can see many local shops. Shelly Beach is really a great place for sea, fun and excitement. A fun loving person can get much enjoyment by visiting this place. The beach features rock walks and is great for exploring. Shelly beach is really very close to major shopping centers. It is really a great beach for all to explore with your friends and family. You do not have to fret as you enjoy the waves hitting the sand as you stroll around.

Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park is situated in Somersby. Somersby is on central coast of New South Wales. There are many different reptiles in this park. You can see different types of reptiles close up and personal. If you go there, then you can see lizards, snakes, crocodiles that are native to Australia. There are also other animals in this park such as cassowaries, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, etc. Spiders and venomous snakes are also very popular. If you want to see different kinds of reptiles in one place, then you can easily select Australian Reptile Park where you can learn more about these complex animals and learn about their life cycles.

Wyrrabalong National Park

Wyrrabalong National Park is divided into two sections. If you like to swim, fish along a striking coastline or surf in the ocean, then you can easily select this place. In the sky you can see kestrels and eagles. There are different landscapes to be found in this park. You can arrange a perfect picnic party here with friends and family. If you want to explore this park properly, then you can select one of the bike trails. Many people like to surf, swim or sunbathe here. If you like to do these things, then you can easily select this place that has a everything to offer you the perfect travel experience.