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About Penrith

Situated in the Greater Western area of Sydney, you will find Penrith. It lies to the east of the river Nepean, and it is about 50 kilometers to the west of Sydney’s CBD. Named after its namesake in England, how Penrith in NSW, Australia, got its name is unknown. However, it is believed that it comes from how the city exists on a single roadway and someone matched the two. What is known is that Penrith existed in 1819. Like many areas, Europeans until did not settle in Penrith until the 1780s. The arrival of foreign people brought a variety of diseases that led to the Mulgoa tribe who lived here contracting and dying from smallpox. The native tribe was friendly and accommodating. The first explorer was Watkin Tench in the late 1780s. He named the river and the state Governor begun offering land to the settlers at the start of the 19th Century. It was 1828 when the post office was opened and later two churches were built, one for the Catholic followers and the other for Anglican worshippers. The railway arrived and the station in the town lies on the network that links to Sydney. You can also arrive in Penrith on the main M4 motorway.


Things to see and do around Penrith

Aqua Golf
Aqua Golf is oddly set over a lake where the greens and golf balls float! You do not have to be an expert golfer to take part, but there is opportunity for great fun. If you are successful at chipping the golf ball from the tee to the hole in one shot, you can win a prize. You but balls by the bucketful and can hit them to your heart’s content. You can book for groups, so you can enjoy some fun with friends, family or colleagues.

Bents Basin State Conservation Area
Bents Basin State Conservation Area is home to a gorge formed by a deep waterhole. It lies between Penrith and Camden. Many people come here from the state capital to get away from the bustle of the city. If you love water, then you will have the choice of a wide range of water sports. You can have a leisurely swim or cast your line to catch some fish. You can walk through the bushlands and venture up to Caley’s Lookout.

Historical Society
The local historical society is based in the Arms of Australia Inn Museum. You will find plenty of local items that have been made or used in the Nepean District. A number of interactive exhibits will whisk you back in time for a memorable trip.