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Parkes New South Wales

A town in Parkes Shire, Parkes is located in NSW, Australia. Formerly known as Currajong because of the many kurrajong trees found here, then the town had its name changed to coincide with the local lead mine. The area around Parkes was visited by Henry Parkes in 1873 and was named after him. Sir Henry played an important role in the unification of the country in 1885. The building of the railway in 1893 placed Parkes firmly on the map. There was plenty of freight and passenger transport using the line until the 1980s and the network fell in decline after the government reduced its funding. Today, the town is a lot different. It plays a role relating to research and scientific discovery. Scientists have worked on various NASA missions. The countryside in the surrounding areas of Parkes is well thought of as agricultural land producing wool and wheat in abundance. There was also a copper and gold mine established to the north. There is ongoing discussions about exploring the potential development of an inland hub served by an airport for moving domestic and International freight.

Things To Do

Parkes Attractions

Big Fish Fossil Hut
The Big Fish Fossil Hut is the perfect location to learn more about the prehistoric era of the continent. Located off the Newell Highway, the Big Fish Fossil Hunt includes various examples of the fauna that lived here many millions of years ago including amphibians, fish and, of course, dinosaurs. The exhibits will be a delight for young and old alike. The biggest fossil on display is over 4.5 meters long and belonged to a Xiphactinus.

CSIRO Radio Telescope
CSIRO Radio Telescope can be seen off the Newell Highway, about 20 kilometers north of the city. The dish is famous for its part it played in the Apollo space mission. The dish is about 64 meters in diameter. It is also the first antenna dish in the Southern Hemisphere that can be steered into location. It operates every day, all day. Visit its visitor center to learn more about the CSIRO Radio Telescope.

Ben Halls Grave
As one of the country’s best-known bushrangers, Ben Hall was associated with a number of heists including that of an escort coach to the east of Forbes at Eugowra Rocks. The coach was estimated to have been carrying about 14,000 pounds worth of cash and gold. Ben Halls Grave marks his final resting place in Forbes Cemetery after he was shot by police in 1865.