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Pambula Information

A town in the Bega Valley, Pambula lies along the south coast of NSW, Australia about 475 kilometers away from Sydney. Like many areas, the native Aboriginal people made the area their home. There is historical evidence that dates back three millennia. It was relatively recently in history that Europeans set foot in Pambula. From exploration by George Bass in 1797, the area began to be settled and early settlement began by the 1830s as cattle were moved through the valley. It was nearly another twenty years before the village was surveyed and churches and schools were established. However, a few seasons of floods resulted in the town being moved. When the naval captain John Lloyd bought the land in 1844, he built his home here. The Covington family was invited to move to Pambula. Later, Syms Covington was a cabin boy on the second trip of HMS Beagle. Most of the land around Pambula was used for grazing and later for agricultural purposes. There were temporary homes set up along the routes followed by the cattlemen. A few hotels sprung up by the 1850s, and the courthouse was built by the end of the decade. It was the discovery of gold in 1888 that changed the fortunes for the town.


Things to do around Pambula

Broadwater Oyster Farm
Broadwater Oysters are often seen as a delicacy. You can get some wonderful views across the oyster farms. They have a working are that you can visit to discuss the farming of oysters and learn more about the industry associated with these shellfish. The farm also processes the oysters for sale, so you can also see how they are prepared for sale to the public and the culinary industries. The farm is open most days.

Pambula Beach
Pambula Beach has wide, open sand dunes and picturesque beaches that are ideal for sunbathing and walking. See what you can find washed ashore as you wander along the white sand. From shells to exploring the different rock pools, there is plenty to do to fill your time. You can enjoy a snack with the local kangaroos or go on horseback through the surrounding river flats and wetlands. There are also opportunities to watch local surfers catching the surf or you can try it out yourself.

Pambula River Mouth
Pambula River Mouth is found coveted by the south headland. The area is sheltered from the swell from the southern sea and the winds. The unique nature of the river mouth and the tidal flows and wind direction make it a great spot for surfing.