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North Sydney is a suburb of the lower north shore of Sydney. It is part of the commercial district located three kilometers away from north Sydney. It is the administrative center for the local government of North Sydney Council. The southern side of Port Jackson is called the warung. Hunterhill was the first person from Europe to settle in this place. A Scottish political reformer Thomas Muir of Huntershill purchased land in 1794 near the location of north pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He built a house which was named after his childhood home. It became known as St Leonards. A commercial center was constructed near the Milsons Point of Miller Street. The North Sydney municipality was inaugurated in 1890. The first public school was opened in 1874. North Sydney became a commercial hub in 1971 to 1972. The commercial district of North Sydney consists of the second largest concentration of administration buildings and offices in the state. There are many advertising and information technology industries. It includes AAMI, AGL, Cisco Systems, Sophos, Sun Microsystems, Novell and Symantec. There are limited shopping facilities in North Sydney.

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North Sydney Attractions

Taronga Zoo
The city zoo is Taronga Zoo. It is a short distance to Taronga Zoo. It is located on the shores of the harbor. It was opened in 1916 in the Mosman suburb of the city. It is operated by the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales, under the trading name Taronga Conservation Society, along with its sister Zoo Dubbo’s Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Taronga Zoo is divided into eight different parts of the world. The area of this zoo is about 21 hectares. There are 2,600 animals covering 340 species. There are a zoo shop, information center and a cafĂ©.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Opened in March 1932 by Premier Jack Lang, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was finished in six years. It was made of steel and has over 6 million hand-driven rivets. The Sydney Harbour Bridge has eight lanes for vehicular traffic, two train lines, a footway and a cycleway. It has huge hinges to absorb the expansion caused by the hot Sydney sun. The Sydney Harbour Bridge has a longish walk. There are 200 steps to go to the top of the bridge.

Kirribilli House
The Prime Minister of Australia has their official residence in Kirribilli House. It is located in the harbour side suburb of Kirribilli at the far end of Kirribilli Avenue.