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Hire Car Hero is an interactive car rental website based in Australia. It provides Merimbula car rental for new visitors and tourists. For hiring a car from car hire in Merimbula, you will have to book a car at the initial level for cheap Merimbula car rental. You can book a car online. Tourists and visitors can easily choose a car from the online list of cheap car hire in Merimbula. They can easily compare one car with others that suit your needs. It is easy to find the cheapest car from the list of rent a car in Merimbula. Merimbula rental cars are one of the top car rental companies in Australia. All vehicles are safe and comfortable to ride in. These are well equipped with modern fittings and accessories. Most of the vehicles are brand new and current models. All pictures of the cars can be seen in one place of the website. Hire car in Merimbula does not charge any fees for booking a car. They do not need to use your credit cards for online booking. There are pickup and drop off locations. To choose a vehicle, press the “Select” button. After completing all of the information, just click the “Confirm Booking” button. When all procedures are completed, you will receive a confirmation message.


Merimbula Information

Merimbula is a town that is located on the far south coast of NSW, Australia. The population of this city is 6,873 people. Within the 10 kilometer radius of Merimbula, there are South Pambula, Pambula, Pambula Beach and Tura Beach. It was named after the Aboriginal word for ‘two lakes’. It is famous as a tourist town. Merimbula is also famous for its fresh rock oysters and annual Jazz Festival. The climate of Merimbula has an oceanic climate. It is combination of warm, wet summers, cool and windy winters. There is a primary public school in Merimbula but no high school. Children need to go to Bega or Eden for public high school. There are some private schools near to the Pambula Beach. There is an airport in Merimbula offering daily flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Merimbula. Merimbula Airport is situated near the national highway. Merimbula is connected with rail services offering many interchanges. According to the distance, Merimbula is situated the same distance from Sydney and Melbourne, and it is three hours’ drive away from Canberra.


Top things to do in Merimbula

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is a famous place for the Doom Tube, Mountain Slide Toboggan, mini golf, Triassic Park Walk, town cars for toddlers, the mini Grand Prix cars, and Black Hole waterslides, Magic Carpet slide, Diamond Python Rollercoaster, and much more. There are opportunities for picnicking and BBQs. The magic mountain authority offers Birthday Packages for a reasonable cost. They provide fun school excursions, excellent group discounts, and amazing VIP annual passes.

Mimosa Rocks National Park

Mimosa Rocks National Park is a short distance from Bega. It offers show-stopping views from the headland area, along the sandy beaches and lagoons. There are rainforests and historic sites to explore. Mimosa Rocks National Park is famous for intricate faults, folds and intrusions occurring in the rock formations. There are opportunities for snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and bird watching. It is a great place for a picnic.

Eden Killer Whale Museum

Eden Killer Whale Museum is recognized as the most progressive and innovative museums in NSW, Australia. It has operated over the last 80 years by an enthusiastic collection of volunteers. These volunteers provide facilities for entertaining and educational presentations to the visitors. It offers touring exhibitions with other metropolitan museums. Eden Killer Whale Museum is a place for the people of all ages.