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Maitland N.S.W

Maitland is located in the New South Wales’ Lower Hunter Valley, Australia. It surrounds an area of 390.1 square meters. The population of the city was 67,478 people in the 2011 census, with most people living between Rutherford and Metford suburbs. The city center is situated on the Hunter River, equipped with an embankment to protect the city against potential flooding. The city was named after Sir George Maitland. The boundaries of city have been extended by embedding other local areas. The first bridge was established in 1869, providing a link to West Maitland that was named after a Governor Belmore. The second Belmore Bridge was constructed in 1954 near to the first Belmore Bridge, and it was built higher than the initial one to protect the city against the precarious effects of flooding. The city was damaged badly by two floods: Hunter Valley Flood in 1955 and Central Coast Storms in 2007. After the establishment of the city, more than 13 floods had happened on the Hunter River, which were higher than the limit of 35.1 feet. These floods wrecked the city violently. Maitland city is equipped with many shopping centers such as Stockland Green Hills, High street Mall, Melbourne Street and Lawes Street.


Things to see near Maitland

Maitland Markets

Maitland Markets provide the best of home-baked goods, home-grown gourmet food, and good quality crafts. Most of the handmade work is provided and delivered by local creative people. Some secondhand goods are also available. As Maitland Markets are the home for local charities, some travelers love to experience shopping in their own way. The market is accessible at all times except January.

Maitland Gaol

As Maitland Gaol was the home for many illustrious criminals. It was closed in 1998. It is more than 150 years old. The wide, opened cell doors give the intimation of daring escapes of its prisoners. It also offers an opportunity of a torchlight tour at night. Take your Maitland car rental to this site and explore the surrounded area.

Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles

Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles has an ability to give clues about the ideas and civilization of the local community. Nell Pyle formed the museum in 2005. The museum includes national or international cover clothing, textiles and various items of great importance. Over 500 items are processed and managed by volunteers. Each of the items has to be stored properly.