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You will love to take your cheap car rental in Katoomba to travel around the city. Katoomba is the main conurbation of the City of Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. With a population of around 8,016 people, Katoomba is well known for its extensive nature and bush walks with spectacular mountain views of the surrounding Blue Mountains. So, this town is known for its mountainous scenery, which creates a range of attractions. Among the most famous attractions is the rock formation known as the Three Sisters that can be seen from Echo Point about 2 kilometres south of the main town. Another famous attraction is the Jamison Valley that can be seen from Echo Point that includes Mount Solitary and the rock formation known as the Ruined Castle. Katoomba has a number of significant buildings such as Swiss Cottage. Known formerly as Lurline Cottage, built in 1898, this Federation Queen Anne cottage lies to the east side of Lurline Street. You can also see Mount St Mary’s College and Convent, whose first order of nuns in Australia became the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. There is also the Uniting Church: situated in Katoomba Street, the Federation bungalow-style home, Kapsalie, built in Lurline Street in 1915 and Carrington Hotel:that was built on the west side of Katoomba Street,

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Attractions in Katoomba

The Three Sisters
What amazing about this town is the visit to The Three Sisters? These Blue Mountains are the most spectacular landmark of this town. This iconic visitor attraction located at Echo Point Katoomba is around 2.5 kilometres from the Great Western Highway. Each of the Three Sisters stands at 922, 918 and 906 metres, respectively.

Wentworth Falls
Another interesting site to visit is Wentworth Falls, which has three tiers is only seen in its glory at different seasons because it is fed by  the Kedumba Creek located near the Blue Mountains’ town of Wentworth Falls in New South Wales, Australia. With a total height of 187 meters, these falls are accessible via the National Pass Walking Trail and the Overcliff and Undercliff Walk. What adds to this place is a rocky outcrop that has numbers of grooves that have been ground into it from rubbing stone implements on the rock to sharpen and shape them.

Science World
If you need something different in your life, you can take cheap car hire Katoomba to visit Science World. This amazing place has a lot to offer. Experience the ride on the world’s steepest railway. From dining to parties or arranging wedding functions, this place offers a range of services that can make your day memorable.