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You will love driving your rent a car Inverell to the main attractions of the town. Inverell, a northern town, which is located by the Macintyre River with a population of around 9,347 people in New South Wales, Australia. Inverell is well-known for its two primary schools: Ross Hill School and Inverell Public School. Among the famous figures of the town are notable Australian architect Colin Madigan (born 1921); former Deputy Premier of New South Wales Leon Punch (1928–1991); cricketer Rick McCosker (born 1946), poet and winner of the Judith Wright Award Susan Hampton (Mackie) (born 1949); and Steve Elkington (born 1962), professional golfer and 1995 US PGA Champion. It is a fertile area of agriculture, which produces a wide range of crops, including oats, wheat, barley, wine grapes, maize and sorghum. The town celebrates the Inland Fishing Festival every year. The place has three observatories, the oldest one carried out weather research since the 1800s.

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Inverell Attractions

Inverell Pioneer Village
You can take your Inverell cheap car hire to Inverell Pioneer Village, which is a collection of historic homes and authentic buildings from the surrounding areas that date from 1841. The buildings are set in a village. The display includes the Mining Museum that houses a collection of photographs and mining tools dating from the late 1800s, Emmaville and Tingha Districts; Keera Station Blacksmith’s Shop showing the tools of the early blacksmith; Grove Homestead from 1841, the old Inverell Hospital Ward that is home to the RSL Museum of Militaria and Memorabilia covering the war periods in which Inverell District has been represented; and Rob Roy Hall with the George Devine Photographic and Camera Museum.

Dejon Sapphire Centre
Spend some money buying a present for your best friend or spouse from Dejon Sapphire Centre. The centre offers a range of cut diamonds. You get to experience views of the process behind glass, and see how the rough stones are sorted and graded before they are cut.

Goonoowigall State Conservation Area
If you want to get close to nature, then you need to visit Goonoowigall State Conservation Area. This is a granite scenic countryside with large boulders and low hills marking the skyline. It covers 1,057 hectares. The place means ‘wallaby rocks’, which is named from the Aboringinal Jukumbal word that. There are over 120 species of birds, remnants of the Chinese settlements that were covered for many years by earth, various fauna, and walking paths covering 10-kilometres of local countryside.