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Grafton lies in the Clarence Valley about 630 kilometres north of Sydney in NSW, Australia. This commercial hub was established in 1851. Streets that are tree-lined set off many old buildings in the town. The river marked the border between Gumbainggir and Bundjalung. Today, descendants from these people live in the area. The first European settlers moved here when the land was opened up to timber extraction. The area was discovered by an escaped convict in 1831 who found red gold cedar in abundance and soon after others came to take advantage of the timber. The town was first named in 1851 by FitzRoy after the Duke of Grafton who was his grandfather and former UK Prime Minister. It was not until 1885 that the town was proclaimed. In 1932, a double decked road and railway bridge was opened connecting the railway from Sydney and Brisbane and the Pacific Highway. The bridge is the only one of its type and is a feature of the riverscape.

Things To Do

Grafton Attractions

Alumny Creek School Museum and Reserve
Alumny Creek School Museum and Reserve is a museum of the Alumny School that was in use between 1872 and 1969. It displays the history of education with memorabilia and ephemera associated with the school on display showing the various stages of schooling over this time. You can be taken back to the primary school days to help you reflect on your own early years. The area surrounding the school is a village green with places for picnics and sport facilities to keep you entertained during your visit.

Clarence Gorge
Clarence Gorge is only less than a two hours’ drive from the town. The rugged gorge shows off its savage rapids and thundering waterfalls. The breathtaking scenery will mesmerise you. You can enjoy fishing in the cool water and go on guided tours of the Rainbow Falls and the Clarence Gorge.

Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc.
Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc. displays railway heritage of the Glenreagh Depot. It covers the railway equipment and trains that would have operated on the North Coast of NSW. Volunteers that hope to restore the 35-kilometre line open the museum weekly.