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Croydon is located in the New South Wales in Australia. This is 11 kilometres away from Sydney. This is bounded by the commercial centres of Burwood and Ashfield. The total population of this area is 10,381 people. There are different histories of this area beginning with Aboriginal settlement before the arrival of Europeans. The Dhang people of the Wangal clan settled here among the heavily wooded area around Concord. While the Governer did not want to grant significant areas of land to early colonial settlers, land grants remained restricted to those who planned the development of farming. Later Governors did not share this restrictive view of development, and various areas of land were granted to friends and family of John Hunter.


Things to do around Croydon

Sydney’s Central Business District
Sydney’s Central Business District is also known as the Sydney CBD. This is the commercial centre and district within Sydney. This place is 3 kilometres away from Sydney Cove. This commercial area is a place where so many people visit every day. People obviously come to this area for commercial purposes, but there are some big names to look out for as you stroll around. Business owners may feel the necessity of hiring a car for easy movement in this area. Car hire Croydon will be able to help them as the distance of Sydney CBD is short from Croydon. If you are visiting this area for commercial or any other purposes, you can take the help of the Hire Car Hero for doing this.

Botany Bay
The distance of Botany Bay is short from Croydon. If you are interested in visiting this area, you can take your Croydon car rental. It will help you to enjoy the open oceanic environment. Found 13 kilometres south from the Central Business District of Sydney. When you are visiting Croydon, do so easily by hiring a car. Hire Car Hero will help you get around. Enjoy picturesque scenes as you tour along Botany Bay and browse out across the blue water. Take a thought of the many migrants who arrived here in tall sail ships.