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Ballina is a town of New South Wales. It is situated in the Northern Rivers region. According to the survey of 2011, the total population of this town is about 39,273 people. The average age of the population is 45 years old. There are about 10,953 families in this area, averaging families with 1.8 children. According to the last survey, there are 18,000 private homes in Ballina. It was established on the northern shore of the Richmond River. It is near the Cape Byron. It is located 600 kilometres away from the north of Sydney and 165 kilometres south of Brisbane. If we look at the history of the Richmond River, it was an important transport route over the 100 years. There are various types of marine life in this river. Many tourists come to this place for fishing and water sports. Richmond River Light was constructed in 1866; it is a lighthouse. The current lighthouse that was designed by James Barnet in 1879 replaced the old lighthouse. It is still working now. There are many landfalls in Ballina. Various types of festivals are occurred in Ballina.


Stuff to do and see in Ballina

Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum
The Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum was established in 1983. A group of ex-sailors set up the museum in a small room of the old pilot’s cottage. The first curator of the museum was Roy Kilner. He helped it grow into the museum. The Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum was moved into a new place in 1993. Another 300 square meters was added in 2006 to meet its current demands.

Ballina Fishing Park
Ballina Fishing Park is a saltwater fishing park. There are various types of marine fish and marine animals here. Many visitors and tourists come here to explore marine biology every year. It is an attractive place for Jewfish and Bream. This park is situated on the pristine Richmond River. It is close to the Pacific motorway. There are opportunities for catching fish and having a barbeque or picnic.

Lighthouse Beach Ballina
Lighthouse Beach Ballina has walking tracks. There are many opportunities for viewing birds. Tourists come here to see the activities of wild birds and their lifestyles. It is an ideal place for lizards and frogs. Dolphins are seen off the shore. This place is famous for Humpback whales. They are seen off this beach between June and October. It is a great place for surfers, swimmers and water ski players too.