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New South Wales has many attractive places to visit. You will place Albury among them. It is situated to the north of the Murray River, and falls within the area that is covered by the City of Albury LGA. According to the last survey, the total population of Albury is about 46,000 people. The area is separated by two cities. The city is located 462 kilometres away from Sydney and 260 kilometres away from Melbourne. If we look at the climate of Albury, it has four seasons with a hot summer and a cold winter. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius in the summer and about 14 degrees Celsius in winter. The annual rainfall of Albury is 701.3 millimetres. Frosts drop in the winter season. Albury has many suburbs and many commercial activities exist in the city. It is a cultural city with a QE2 Square, Albury Library Museum, Regional Art Gallery, Albury Performing Arts and Murray Conservatorium. There is a Convention Centre in the middle of Albury. You will find a Post Office, Police Station and Court house near the Convention Centre. The city council offices are located in Kiewa Street, and there is a residential area in the west side of Albury.

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Hume Dam
Hume Dam is known as Hume Weir. It is the main dam across the Murray River with Mitta River. The dam is situated in the region of Riverina of NSW, Australia. It is used for irrigation, water conservation and supply. The whole dam is made of concrete and it took about 17 years to complete. Hume Dam is a hydroelectric power station that can deliver 58 megawatts of electricity. From 1936 to 2009, the hydroelectric power station produced 52,742 megawatts of electricity.

Albury Botanic Gardens
Albury Botanic Gardens was opened by Mayor Alderman William Jones in 1887. The botanical gardens are laid out at the western end of the city’s CBD. For over 130 years, the gardens have been popular among gardeners and loves of horticulture as they wander around exhibits of exotic flora adorning the landscape. The Elm Avenue has been subject to conservation.

Albury Railway Station
Albury Railway Station links Albury with Melbourne and Sydney. The line was constructed by 1881, and it coincided with the Great Southern Line extension from Sydney. The platform is one of the longest in the country and broad gauge trains approach it from Melbourne.