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The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular destinations and is a spectacular place to visit, with so many different things to see and do the best way to get around to it all is by rental car. The best place to book a cheap car rental on the Gold Coast is right here with Hire Car Hero. We allow you to compare all the top Australian hire car suppliers online in the one place saving you time and getting you the best possible deal available. So whether you are someone that is on holiday or business or simply need to rent a car we will have the great Gold Coast car rental deals you are looking for.

Gold Coast – Cheap Hire Car Tips

The earlier you book a hire vehicle on the Gold Coast the cheaper the price is going to be, as car rental prices tend to get higher the later you book. It’s all simple supply and demand.

If possible collect your rental car at city location rather than the airport. Airport pickups usually attract higher rates so try and get to the city to get your car. The Gold Coast airports has public transport that can quickly and easily get you into the city.

Try searching with different dates in order to get the best rate. If you book for a longer period your daily rate may decrease so in some cases booking for 5 days may be cheaper than 4.

Use Hire Car Hero to get the cheapest car hire deal available on the Gold Coast. If you follow the above tips right here on our website we have no doubt you will be able to get the rental vehicle rate you are after.

4 Steps to Rent a Car on the Gold Coast

  1. Fill out the above car rental search form, including pickup and dropoff locations and times and then click search.
  2. You will then be taken to the comparison results page. Here you can compare vehicles in every which way, once you have decided on a vehicle simply click the book now button to be taken to the next step.
  3. Here you can review your Gold Coast hire car information. When you are ready to book fill out your personal details and click book now.
  4. Congratulations! At this point you will now have booked a top deal on a Gold Coast car rental. Expect to receive confirmation of your booking.

Benefits from Booking with Hire Car Hero

Low Cost: Using Hire Car Hero will save you on car rental in the Gold Coast. We allow you to compare all the top Gold Coast suppliers in the once place online so they compete for your business not the other way around.

Speed of booking a top deal: Book a cheap hire car on the Gold Coast will only take you roughly 2 minutes when you book with us. Don’t spend the unnecessary time going from company to company trying to find a great deal when you can book the cheapest deal right here at Hire Car Hero.

Ease of booking: It is so easy to book a cheap rental car on the Gold Coast. Simply fill out a few bits of information including your pickup and dropoff dates to see a list of all the available cars. You will be provided with all the information you need to know and then be easily able to pick out the cat that is best for you.

Flexibility: Having a rental vehicle in the Gold Coast gives you the greatest amount of flexibility compared to other forms of transport. Don’t get tied down by the bus and train timetables and stops, go where you want when you want in comfort and style.

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