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With Hire Car Hero, you only need some information to be supplied before you can arrange your Alice Springs car rental. If you already have an indication of where you would like to pick up and drop off your car, then enter these details about your car hire in Alice Springs. You will need to include the dates and the age of the person who will be driving so that they can provide you with an accurate rate. Once you enter the details, your cheap car rental Alice Springs will be booked. It is no surprise that you can make the best rates available if you book your rent a car in Alice Springs well in advance. If you are making last minute arrangements for your trip, then your rates for your rental car Alice Springs will most likely be higher. You can often use free or subsidized transport to get to the city. You will find that Alice Springs hire cars are generally much cheaper if you pick them up from the city rather than from the airport. Always book the best car to suit your needs so that you have the most comfortable vehicle for your needs. If you book for an extra day, you may get a better daily rate. You will receive information to confirm your cheap Alice Springs car hire.

Alice Springs

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Alice Springs lies in the Northern Territory and is one of the largest places in the state. You will often see the area of Alice Springs referred to as the centre of the country. For many millennia, the Arrernte people lived in the desert lands in the middle of Australia or the red center. In English, the surveyor W.W. Mills named the place ‘Alice’ after Sir Charles Todd’s wife. The town covers the Todd River and the springs that led to the area’s name. Camel trains were a common site in the olden days as a form of transport across the desert. During the Second World War, the area was extensively developed as a base for military operations. Today, the town is influenced by both its history and modern tourism. You can see a range of traditional art by Aboriginals and watch camel races and other events. The Overland Telegraph Station and other old buildings are still found here. Adelaid House, the old Courthouse, and other buildings hark back to a period in time where the area was much more hostile than today.


Cool things to see in Alice Springs

Finke Gorge

Finke Gorge is one of the country’s national parks that is located in the West Macs range covering some 460 square kilometres. You can see what remains of the rainforest in Palm Valley, which is now the location of special interest as a place filled with a diverse flora including the Red Cabbage Palm. This is the only location of this plant and there are only a few thousand of them found here. Many artists visit here to dramatize the foreboding and beautiful landscape.

Todd River

Known as an ephemeral river, Todd River starts out in the MacDonnell Ranges. It flows through the center of Alice Springs past the Telegraph Station. Most of the year there is not much flow in the river, but when it is flowing, it carried with it much sediment that colors the water a milky brown color. The annual regatta is held here. Another event uses people inside bottomless boats that are carried around while many thousands spectate.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden

Olive Pink Botanic Garden covers about 16 hectares. The botanical gardens provide you with an abundance of native plants to the arid central area of the country. The garden opened in 1985 and is managed by a board of voluntary trustees.