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Renting a car when you are on vacation can be a big hassle or easy as pie. You should pick the easy option. Hire Car Hero will do just that for you. Acquire a cheap car rental Sale or Sale rent a car and all your car rental problems will be dealt with. Hire Car Hero offers a quality service to their customers and they assure everyone that all their cars with a wide variety of classes to choose from, are reliable, sturdy, comfortable and most importantly, safe. If you book early via Hire Car Hero, you will receive the most affordable price. Here is a traveller’s tip: booking and collecting your car from the airport is more expensive! So to avoid the extra charges for your car rentals, try taking the free shuttle bus to the city, so you can book your car rentals there. For everyone’s convenience, you can also visit their website and book your Sale rental cars there. You will be asked to enter the pick up and drop off locations, and you will be able to decide what kind of car hire Sale you would like to hire. With one easy click of the button, you can book your hire car Sale, and it will be confirmed to you by sending you an email.



While in Australia, drive your Hire Car Hero Sale car rental along the junction of the Princes Highway and the northeast end of the South Gippsland Highway. There you will find the beautiful city named Sale. It is in the Gippsland region of the Australian State of Victoria. This city has seen much redevelopment and development in the past decade, and you will witness the quality of work incorporated in the multi-million dollar redevelopment of the city’s Port of Sale. The weather is perfect and not extreme so do not worry about what kind of clothes to bring or wear. Drive your cheap car hire Sale to the main shopping precincts in the Gippsland Centre and adjacent Raymond St. Mall where you will surely find the best deals for the latest products. An attraction in Sale that you should definitely not miss is Lake Guthridge, where you will find happy families enjoying each other’s company. It is a great place for your family to relax and unwind during your trip too, because it has a park for children, you can hold barbecues and walk the trail around the lake with ample car parking facilities. Events, celebrations and exhibitions are often held in Lake Guthridge to make sure that local and tourists are always entertained.


Sale Attractions

Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum
Sale has much more to offer its tourists. Bring your hire care Sale in Port Albert and there you will find Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum. This museum is home to treasured collections of historic artefacts, photos and documents. It also has an extensive archive and library that is open for use and available for anyone who wants to use it for research. There are even activities given to children who visit, and they arrange tours for people who come in groups like bus tours or school groups.

Tarra Bulga National Park
Your family would also enjoy visiting Tarra Bulga National Park. You can get there from the Princes Highway at Tralagon by following Tralagon Creek Road to Balook. You can also follow the Tarra Valley Road from Yarram. You will not even notice that the roads are narrow and winding because along the way you will notice at several points such beautiful and breathtaking scenery that will make you fall in love with Sale even more. Your family can book accommodation there. Stay in a guesthouse and venture out for brunch in the tearooms.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection
The drivers in your company will enjoy visiting Gippsland Vehicle Collection that is located on the Sale Road, just on the edge of Maffra. If you are coming from Bairnsdale, Gippsland Vehicle Collection is just off the Princes Highway, just turn off right to Maffra after Stratford. There are so many interesting and unique vehicles to see that they even have rotating theme of display vehicles for four months at a time.