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Through a car or other vehicle, you can complete your journey to Prahan. For this reason, rental cars play a great part in our life. A rental car business has gained popularity. To get details about cheap car hire Prahran, you need not login to our website. You will be pleased that there is no requirement to pay a booking charge. If you do an earlier booking of a Prahran rent a car, you can enjoy a booking discount and charges will be less expensive compared to making a late booking, where the price will become higher. If you select car hire Prahran for your journey, you can enjoy a safe and pleasant trip with a brand new or nearly new car. Another unique feature of this rental car is when you book your rental car, you can select your car among different classes of vehicle to save money on your holiday or business tour. To take cheap car rental in Prahran, you can observe that different locations are available in the city to pick your car up from. It is suggested that you do not book your car from the airport because there are possibilities that your hire charges will increase. The airport will have comparatively inexpensive shuttle buses to the nearest town.



If you are searching for adventure, then you will like driving with your Prahran car rental around the suburbs of Melbourne. You can also extend your trip to the surrounding area of Victoria, Australia. Prahran is situated about 5 kilometres southeast of Melbourne. The City of Stonnington is the local government area. At the same time, it is the Central Business District of Prahran. When you make a trip with your car hire Prahran, you can observe this greater part of Melbourne is decorated with wide streets, parks, shops and malls, which attract tourists here. The large shopping centre of Prahran was built between the 1890s and 1930s. If you have some time to take a break, you can spend time with your family and friends in the restaurant or café to enjoy its delicious food. Prahran is the main home to a big collection of architecturally significant commercial buildings. When you want to spend your holiday in Prahran, you must visit the Chapel Street section of Prahran because it is where the century emporium is, as well as large buildings like the Prahran Arcade, Reads Emporium, Big Store and Maples Corner

Things To Do

Attractions near Prahran

Chapel Street Bazaar

If you want to enjoy a beautiful journey with Prahran rental cars, you must go the Chapel Street Bazaar because this is one of the finest shopping destinations. If you want to decorate your home with retro lava lamps and similar items, then Chapel Street Bazaar is perfect place to purchase them because it is a treasure of toys, tidbits and home wares.

Prahran Market

Prahran Market is other great shopping spot when you make a journey in Prahran with your cheap car hire Prahran. This market is Australia’s, as well as Melbourne’s, oldest endlessly running food market that is proud to be in operation since 1864. You can go for the option of teasing your tastebuds, sense of smell and sounds, as you will admire the freshness of the produce. You can find the tastiest fresh food, which is only available in this food market.

Prahran Artwalk

If go to Prahran with your cheap car rental in Prahran, Prahran Artwalk is one of the great places to visit. It is a centre of Melbourne’s Bohemian and Hippie community. It is a centre of broad ranging artistic style and urbanised with practical, vibrant social history and energetic contemporary themes juxtaposed to display Prahran’s multicultural outlook on the world. Therefore, when you want to make a beautiful journey with your hire car Prahran, you can join others admiring the passers-by at a coffee shop and enjoy a coffee.