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Daylesford is one of the best places in the Australia to locate a business. Daylesford rental cars can be used for various reasons from moving home, clearing the garage, transporting goods, or getting to and from your place of work. Daylesford hire cars from various manufacturers to provide you with options of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. You can hire car through Daylesford rent a car services at any time: Select the location from the given options on the screen and add the dates you need the car, then choose which car you would like to hire and add your details. You only pay for your booking when you collect your vehicle. While booking your car, an exhaustive list of options of car rental Daylesford becomes available. You can compare various vehicles to suit you. With numbers of different pick up locations within the town, it allows customers to be more flexible in their approach. It is advisable for customers to pick up their cars within the city, as it is more costly through an airport, as prices are higher there. Car hire Daylesford is one of the cheapest ways of transport. Daylesford is a thriving city and is famed for its well-established drinking holes and dedication to real ale. Daylesford is a hub for culture and the arts; you can hire a car for a trip to the theatre or even one of its festival locations. While booking your cheap car hire Daylesford, you need to follow certain tips. Your booking of Daylesford hire cars only requires payments at time of picking up the vehicle.



Daylesford is a gold mining town located in Hepburn, Victoria, Australia. It has a network of car rental locations, where customers can hire affordable, reliable and trustworthy vehicles from cheap car rental in Daylesford. With over 65 mineral springs, Daylesford-Hepburn Springs region accounts for more than 80 percent of Australia’s mineral water springs. There are various reasons why it is best to visit Daylesford, as it is a luxurious town that has been spruced with modern day amenities located amidst manmade lakes and verdant greenery. It will give you a relaxed, cool and comfortable break by the beautiful beachside location. The greatness of the place produces energetic vibes that extends to its major attractions from Daylesford wine tours, Daylesford spa, country railway station, central mineral springs reserve, and Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens.


Things to see around Daylesford

Hepburn Springs
Hepburn Springs has seven sites on the Victorian heritage register is known for its relaxed atmosphere on much of the waterfront with such a beautiful setting, recreation is never too far away.

Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens
The Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens is a place to connect with nature, where you experience endless views and enjoy numerous sites with entertainment options. Established in 1863, this 150-year-old garden is situated within 10 acres, where one can experience a stunning atmosphere with family and friends. There is no admission fee and you can bring your own dog if you want. With numerous entrances, it allows visitors to pick their place of choice to explore.

Convent Gallery
The Convent Gallery in Daylesford offers a wide variety of content from history, spirituality, art and culture under one roof. With different areas displaying and featuring work of over 100 local, national and international artists, this place promises a diverse range of traditional and contemporary work.