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Bendigo City

As a regional center, Bendigo has vibrant streets filled with beautiful architecture created by the local gold rush of the 19th Century. You will find something new around every corner as you meet local residents who are welcoming and will share their local stories with you. Local restaurants serve food and drink made by artisans. Opulent buildings line the wide streets with intricate networks of lanes and arcades help you explore the beauty and culture of Bendigo.

Like many gold rush towns, Bendigo began as a sea of tents as prospectors searched for gold. With the money that finding gold brought to lucky miners, their wealth created some of the finest examples of 19th Century architecture to be found that are still in use today throughout the town. After the 1870s, Chinese settlers brought an Asian flare to the architecture with dragons and Oriental designs displayed during various annual events celebrating the town’s rich heritage.

You can spend lots of time visiting the local attractions and going on tours of the town from the talking tram to deep underground in the mines of yesteryear. For thrill seekers, you can try a free fall from a vertical slide or for more calming experience, try to create something in the country’s oldest pottery. One thing is for certain, you are never going to be stuck for something to try with the freedom of a Bendigo rent a car at your disposal.

Things To Do

Bendigo Attractions

Bendigo Art Gallery: The Bendigo Art Gallery was founded in 1887, in the year of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. A locally renowned architect converted the Bendigo Volunteer Rifles’ orderly room into somewhere to house the gallery’s collection of artwork and other artifacts. Later, a new building was occupied, and rooms decorated in the traditional grand style of European buildings adorned the backdrop of the gallery. The building was recently renovated with a new additional wing to provide additional space. A number of exhibitions are held throughout the year. Of course it is not all about stuffy artwork, you can enjoy Tai Chi and art and tea as you are led through some of the special exhibits held by the gallery.

Central Deborah Gold Mine: Central Deborah Gold Mine operated between 1939 and 1954. Over a ton of gold was extracted, estimated to be worth about £46 million. From a depth of 412 meters, there were 17 different levels and 15 kilometers of tunnels were created. You can experience underground life of miners with adventure tours.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral: The Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of the country’s largest churches. It is the second tallest church in Australia. Its first priest, Backhaus, was skillful in accumulating property and encouraging rich gold miners to contribute to the efforts of the church. The building is worth a visit to see its design architecture and internal design.