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When it comes to making the best of your Bairnsdale car rental offers, it is best to book early as it will be much cheaper than making a last minute decision to hire a car. However, you can often find cheap car rental Bairnsdale available to suit your needs at any time. You might have to pay extra for booking at the last minute. If you arrive at the airport and have arranged to collect Bairnsdale rental cars there, then you will find that it is more expensive compared to attending one of the city rent a car Bairnsdale venues that can be easily found after a short shuttle bus ride, which will provide you with savings on your car hire Bairnsdale.

You will benefit from driving around in current models available from Bairnsdale cheap car hire. This means that your chosen vehicle will be comfortable for touring around Bairnsdale, and it will be safe and reliable throughout your trip. Whether you are on business or planning a big family trip, you will have the choice of vehicles from different classes to pick. Just enter some basic information about you and your journey, such as your pick-up and drop off locations, the duration of hire, and hit the search button. Your results will be returned quickly, and you will be able to see which Bairnsdale hire cars are available. Make your choice by clicking the ‘book now’ button. You will then receive your confirmation, as your booking is now complete.


Bairnsdale Information

With a car hire Bairnsdale, you can visit Bairnsdale and tour around this part of Victoria, Australia, just 281 kilometers east of Melbourne. It is a small city located in East Gippsland, and it is a major town in eastern Victoria. Situated on the flat area alongside the Mitchell River where it discharges into Lake King, there are suburbs on the east and north of the town. The river mouth is a digitate delta that was second only to that of the US Mississippi River. The town’s wide Main Street is the heart of the town’s commercial interests.

The town boasts some remarkable landmarks including St Mary’s RC Church on Main Street with many murals on its walls and ceilings, which is a distinctive sight. Large gardens also adorn the center of the town, with plenty of summer and perennial flower displays, as well as a range of mature trees, and other adornments, including a restored bandstand.


Interesting Things to See in Bairnsdale

Bairnsdale Clocks: Bairnsdale Clocks is a specialist collection that took over 50 years to bring together a range of barometers, clocks and watches. If you have a repair or want to purchase a contemporary timepiece, then you have come to the right place. From wall clocks to mantel clocks, Atmos clocks, cuckoo clocks, carriage clocks, nautical timepieces and watches, you will be astounded by the sheer variety available. You can also purchase antique silverware, gramophones, jewelry as well as other collectible items such as books and retro items.

Mitchell River National Park: Enjoy time in the great outdoors in the Mitchell River National Park, off Waller Road, Cobbannah. The national park has serene rainforest valleys and impressive river scenery. Its ruggedness is home to some of the most unusual plant life in the state. You can experience the delight of open rainforest to remote gorges filled with native plant and animal life. Its tranquility will provide a perfect backdrop for those willing to experience rafting and canoeing along the river for a day trip or an extended tour.

East Gippsland Rail Trail: If cycling or walking interest you, then how about a trip along the East Gippsland Rail Trail. Over 94 kilometers of trail extend from Bairnsdale to Newmeralla as it passes through forests, farmland and rivers. The trail starts at Howitt Park and the whole route is suitable for those with little cycling experience.